Board of Directors Agenda & Meeting Minutes - Nov 2015-Oct 2016

OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, September 27, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Robin Pestarino at 10:40am.  Other members present: Torgy Torgerson, VP, Bill Epler, Treasurer, Jim Laurel, Safety Committee and Susan Guterbock, Shelter Maintenance.

Treasurer's Report: Bill Epler:

Account update: Operating Fund $5910.00. $500.00 to AYC for damage deposit, expect it to be refunded.  Capital Fund $23,241.00. Recent expenditure was $2300.00 for the new trailer.

Proposed Budget: 2 sources of income, dues and rowing cards.  We have lost about 25 members so dues were only $1550.00.  Estimate about the same next year. Big bump in rowing cards of 10%, up to $5,000 by the end of the year.  Membership is now 85 individual, 25 families, 12-13 honorary.

New Business

A. Annual meeting Agenda - Robin will send out revised Agenda.

B. New letter head stationary.  The original address said Flounder Bay.  Possible new OARS logo, blue and red on white paper.  Will present to meeting on Friday.  Will be given to new members in the packet.

Other items presented, mostly per Capital fund

1. Ask Boshie to estimate cost of door for east end of shelter.

2. Other financial items

a. miscellaneous things this year - no contingency for next year for unanticipated needs ie new cushions. Propose d to give $500.00 for unanticipated needs.

b. discussion of an emergency fund

c. Bill proposed to do a movie on rowing and to take funds from Capital fund. Robin suggested that the funds be called "education" for How to Row movie.

3. Discussion of new oars for seats 2 and 3 for the Erica.  The feeling is that they should match her other oars.

a. See if Andy Stewart would consider making them

b. 14 foot oars, Bill will get an estimate from Andy

c. Proposal to add item to the Capital budget for the oars

4. Next year's budget will be approved two weeks before the annual meeting, will be done on line

5. Red thwart seats on the Erica cost about $262.00. No payment yet, Boshie called it "donation in kind" maybe rowing cards?

Committee Reports

a. Crew 4081 - no report

b Communications - no report

c. Finance - needs a chair

d. Maintenance - new leather needed on #2 on Annie C.

i) new trailer harness has arrived - in garage until next week.  Winch is here - Charley will adjust rollers and banks next time boat is on the trailer.

e. Safety - Jim Laurel.

i) Two members in the Master queue, Andy Setwart and Dan Worra.  

ii) Only 17 or 40 Masters have done their annual manoeuvers.   If not done within 90 days they will have to start all over again.  

iii) Will be announced at the next OARS meeting and in The Tholepin.

f. Scheduling - no report.

5. Unfinished business

a. Old Trailer - Jan Bates wants to buy it for $300.00. Approved.

b. PT race: 34 minutes for 3.7k, first place, brought trophy home.

c. Lake Samish race - unable due to lack of team members.

6. Any other business

a. Website - Bill Testerman. Bill's report is on the website.  Plan to basically stay with current website.  Polled members who answered survey do not wish to go to another site, we can make improvements with current host.  Jack and Robin will get suggestions and concensus and will get together to plan changes to website.

b. Holiday meeting schedule:

Board of Directors: Oct. 25, Nov. 22, Dec 27, 2016.

OARS Meetings: Annual meeting October 22, Nov 7 and 18, Dec 2 and 16.


Meeting adjourned 12:07.  Minutes taken by Susan Guterbock, transcribed by Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary.




OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, July 26, 2016

Present:  Robin Pestarino, Jim Laurel, Torgy Torgerson, Charlie Drake, Susan Guterbock

1. Treasurer Report:  The Operating fund needs funds.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to transfer $3000.00 from the Capital fund to the Operating fund.

2. Website: Several ideas for improving the website were discussed including:

a. Jack Darnton will contact the AHS Broadcast Club to see if they would produce a video about how to row our boats.  Would we pay them or give them rowing time.

Jim Laurel reports the ByLaws, Manual and Non-profit incorporation letters are posted on the website.

It was suggested that tabs "Contact Us" and "About Us" would be helpful for people visiting the website.  It was noted that this info is already on the website, but maybe not obvious to visitors.

Robin would like to see a copy of our contract with the Website developer.

A group will get together to work on website ideas.  Members include Robin, Jack Darnton, Bill Testerman and Jim Laurel.  It was suggested we get a non-member too, to provide an outside opinion.

Maintenance: Charlie Drake

Shelter:  Susan, Walter and Robin washed the lower portion of the outside of the shelter.  Three ties were replaced. The sides need to be pulled up and the poles de-rusted.  A call will go out to members to help on the 20-21 of August with shelter work.

 It was suggested that the new shelter design include closing the east side, along the dock, for security purposes.  Torgy saw some shady people scoping out the tent, boats and gear.  The BOD authorized purchase of some dummy security cameras and posting of notices on the shelter stating that the shelter is under surveillance.  Robin will check on signs available on the internet and at Walmart.

Trailer:  The BOD authorized the purchase of a 2nd aluminum trailer for the Island Star, with a winch.  The red trailer needs to be replaced as well.  The aluminum trailers are much easier to move and store under the Preston. The pedestal needs to be moved on the red trailer so the doors on the towing vehicle can open.

Bailers have been replaced in both boats.  Flares have been replaced.

Safety: Jim Laurel'  Dan Warra and Andy Stewart continue forward in their Master's testing process.  Beth Bell is the examiner.

Scheduling:  Christine Mathes

We will need to schedule Masters for the Summer Rowing Program, on Fridays at 8:30 and 9:30am.  Jack Darnton will line up the Masters.

Annual Meeting: Torgy Torgerson

Torgy will ask Beth Bell, AYC member, to reserve the AYC on a Saturday night in October.  He is working on speaker ideas.

The 2017 Budget will need to be finalized 30 days prior to the annual meeting and published 15 days prior to the meeting.

It was suggested that Dan Worra have 15 minutes to present a Port update at the meeting, perhaps the 1,2 and 5 year plan for the Port?

Skyline Potluck:  Torgy will check on availability of the Cabana on a Wednesday, 8/15 tp 19.  If it works out we would cancel the 8/19 OARS meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, June 28, 2016

1. The Glide will be power washed and stored under the Preston.

2. Robin will get estimates for a second set of gates under the Preston.

3. Jack Darnton discussed the Master's certification process.  It was decided to keep things as they are, with special designation for those trained in lifting and trailering.  Trainees will cox with a Master as described in the manual, to increase their skill level. The addition of a requirement to help with maintenance of the boats was suggested.

4. Volunteer service: It was suggested that we add the expectation of volunteer service to the Manual and the membership form.  It is the responsibility of the Masters to get the help of their crews for boat maintenance.  An article will be written for the Tholepin about maintenance.  Do we need a maintenance scheduler? Or a shop foreman?  Marty will develop a maintenance schedule.

5. There was a discussion about the ByLaws regarding having more general statements about duties.  The ByLaws Committee, represented by Mindy and Robin, stated that they wanted the job discriptions spelled out in the ByLaws to provide consistency in future years.

6. Shelter:  Susan and Walter Guterbock will take over maintenance of the Shelter.  They will call for help as needed.

7. Committee Chairs for the rest of the year: Safety, Jim Laurel, Crew 4081 David Jackson and Cathy Schaeffer, Finance Marilyn Sollers, Scheduling Christine Mathes, Communication Jack Darnton (?)

8. Jack D. wants to develop a video that shows you how to row, and have it posted on the website.  The Board feels that the website needs some work and updating, possibly a new webservice.  Will discuss with Bill Testerman, webmaster.

9. Treasurer: A motion was made, seconded and passed to pay $119.95 for a winch for the new trailer.

10. July Parade Banner:  A motion was made, seconded and passed to spend $275.00 on a banner for the 4th of July parade, that we can use again, that says "Wear your Lifejacket".  It will have grommets and will be printed on one side.

11. Manual:  A motion was made, seconded and passed to declare the Manual finished and to post it on the website.

12. Master's Test: Torgy stated that the Serpentine will be either rounded or square.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45am.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary

The Board of Directors Meeting in May was cancelled.

OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, April 26, 2016

Present:  Torgy Torgersen, VP; Bill Epler, Treasurer, David Jackson, Marty Foot, Jim Laurel, Chuck Ackerman, Gary Sandvig.

1. Crew 4081 - Cap'n Jackson reported there will be a capsize drill with the Elizabeth Bonaventure's senior crew in Port Townsend on May 4th.  The Coast Guard Safety Inspection will be on May 9th.

2. Jim Laurel, safety Committee, reported that Marty Foot has completed all requirements and is now a bonafide OARS Master.  Contratulations were extended by All Hands.  It appears that Andy Stewart is next in line for doing his Masters trials.  Certificates for Dave Starrett and Marty Foot are being prepared for presentation at our next regular meeting on friday, May 6th.

Jim has submitted an article for the Tholepin, which suggests that owners of auto-inflate PFDs check their equipment for proper function.

Given that there is a sail for the Island Star, and that a few crews have sailed her, Jim questioned who is qualified to do so.  He indicated that he believed that, so far, only David Jackson, Andy Stewart (who is not yet a Master), James McMullen and Torgy Torgersen have taken the Star out under sail.  We all discussed what kind of approvals or certification might be warranted to sail the Star.  The question was left for further rumination.

Jim brought up the subject of having a form for requesting out-of-area rowing or racing trips.  It was agreed that such a form could streamline requests and approvals for simple, short-distance trips, or races.  Jim will work on a draft form for discussion.

3. Marty Foot, Maintenance, presented two new detailed and well thought out documents detailing both current work to recommission the Erica, and projected annual work on the gigs and wherry through 2018.  There was extensive discussion about how work crews might be employed to complete various tasks for the current recommission of Erica.

A discussion of ablative antifouling coating(s) vs. paint on underwater hulls ensued.  It was brought out that when the boat-bottoms are pressure-washed, there is heavy loss in antifouling capability of the ablative coating(s). There seemed to be agreement that ablative coating(s) over a painted coating of contrasting color would allow easy assessment of when a new antifouling treatment ws needed owing to loss from immersion-aging or pressure washing.

Chuck Ackerman, OARS Scheduler, was on hand to offer his help to muster crews or individuals for maintenance tasks.  Marty acknowledged that this could help, but that for the moment he would first see how initial mustering of work crews proceeded.

Gary Sandvig, Shelter Chair, reported that the failed twist-clasps on the shelter entry doors had been replaced, but he did not know "by whom."  David Jackson indicated that there were some small tears showing in the shelter cover.  This reinforced the throught that a new shelter cover is in the offing.  Gary will get a quote for the price of a new shelter cover.

Laura Hartner, Events Director, Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, inquired about the possibility of OARS doing some sort of demonstratioin or participatory activity such as rides on the boats for the public during the Waterfront Festival, June 4 & 5.  We discussed the possibility of rides in the gig/and or wherry, and maybe the Elizabeth Bonaventure.  We said we would discuss it with OARS, and report to her after our next meeting on Friday, May 6th.

Respectfully submitted, Torgy Torgerson, VP


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, March 22, 2016

Present: Robin Pestarino, President; Torgy Torgerson, VP; David Jackson, Marty Foot

1. Crew 4081 - David gave Robin insurance papers to research and to pay premium by April 1, 2016.

2. A skill check list will be developed to qualify any Master wishing to take the Elizabeth Bon Adventure out.  It will include different knot tyig than for the regular Master's test, a sailing aspect as well as maneuvering and docking.

3. Torgy wanted clarification of our BOD meeting days - it is the fourth Tuesday of every month.

4. Safety - Jim suggested having only one lifting sling for all OARS boats and only a qualified Master may use it.  He has a list of those Masters  He will have an article for the Tholepin addressing this issue.

When OARS is in an activity such as the ASBC MessAbout the OARS' lifting sling will not be used, only the Port provided lifting sling, housed in the mule barn, will be used during such events.

5. Island Star oarlocks: Torgy is going to check with Donn Wilson about modifications to the oar locks.

6. Organizing the Emerald Marine area for OARS will be done on Tuesday, March 29th at 10:30.  Robin will purchase tubs needed to store our equipment and supplies.  The Tuesday crews will be helping with this organization.

7. San Juan Lanes - after the March 6, 2016 OARS meeting, Robin received a call from Teresa Way, owner of the Lanes.  She was no longer willing to allow us to use the room for free as not enough people purchased breakfast and the attendance numbers cannot be guaranteed.  We came to an agreement that OARS would pay $25.oo per meeting (the going rate) starting April 1, 2016.  We have been meeting there for free since the 1980s so $50.00 per month is not bad.  We could not duplicate the facility elsewhere for that price.

Respectfully submitted, 

Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary

OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, February 23, 2016

Present: Robin Pestarino, President; Bill Epler, Treasurer; Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary, Jim Laurel, Gary Sandvig, Charlie Drake.

Donations for repair of Erica:  Bill E. will send out a request to the membership.

ByLaws and manual ; When editorial review is complete the documents will be presented to the membership by email for comment.  The revised Mission Statement will be voted on.  There are some procedural changes.

Erica: The stem post is cracked, will be replaced.  Red cedar is not holding up, will use yellow cedar.  Repairs are keeping on budget.

Bosun - Charlie; Will order the Trailerx package.  It will fit the Erica, Glide and Annie C.

Crew 4081: David is doing twice monthly work party/sails.  Members are welcome.

Treasurer - Bill E. Funds stable.  Suggests putting donation request in Tholepin.

Safety- Jim L.; Still 3-4 Masters who need to do their annual maneuvers. Deadline this year is March 31, but after this is Dec 31.  If not done will have to retake Master's test.

Jim is working on a curriculum for the Master's test.  He wants to assign each candidate to an instructor, then have the water test administered by a different instructor.

Lifting and trailering:  Jim would like to keep the number of people trained to use the P dock lift to a minimum.  Should there be a yearly re-up on operation of the lift?  Anyone not trained should use the C dock lift.

Shelter - Gary:  Needs to be washed and repaired.  Will work on a schedule.  Have brought in a boat with scaffold in the past.

ASBC - We have not made a $100 donation this year, according to meeting minutes.

Respectfully submitted, Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, January 26, 2016

Present: Robin Pestarino, Presiden; Torgy Torgerson, VP; Bill Epler, Treasurer; Cathy Schaeffer, Sectary; David Jackson, Trustee; Gary Sandvig and Marty Foot.

Committee Reports:

Bosun: Charlie; Tallow hanging above the log book in the shelter, for the leathers.

Annie C needs a new sponge.

ByLaws: met 1/25/16. Administration revanped.

Crew 4081: David Jackson; Cathy will be appointed to the BSA organization, gives OARS a voice in crew 4081.

Is there still a Pacific Challenge?  No, it has disbanded.  We now have the Pull and Be Damned Small Boat Mess About.

Maintenance:  Will pull and inspect the Annie C next Thursday.  Will inspect the lifting harness too.

Erica: Need scope of work assessment at Emerald Marine for $65.00  David estimates repairs will be about $8000.00.  Jim Laurel reports the expected replacement time for the Erica was 2021, replacement cost $50,000.00  Plan to store in ASBC lot with a cover.  Would be an extra boat in reserve during maintenance of other boats.

Elizabeth Bonaventure - David J. There will be a Coast Guard inspection on Aug 4, 2016. She needs to be stripped down of equipment, washed and have the bottom painted.  Will coordinate with Marty Foot.  Plan to sail the Elizabeth B. on Sunday afternoons, OARS members welcome.  Other Masters who could skipper are Frank Orr, Bosche Morris, or Beth Bell.

Membership:  Emailed members to renew membership.

Procedure Manual:  all sections are to the proofreaders. Handbook will be given to all members and new members, will also have a community handout, all coordinating with bylaws.

 Safety: Jim Laurel; Keeping an ongoing list of people interested in Masterhood  Wants to manage the process of becoming a Master.  Written test with David, then know test and sea trial.

Shelter, Gary Sandvig; Gary will look into replacing end walls with corrugated UHMW plastic, will last 25 years.  Current shelter is grandfathered in at Marina, not sure we could change it to a permanent structure.  Frame replacement estimated for 2014, cover for 2017.  Gary will get estimate to replace tent.

Could we get boot brushes (3) for the shelter?

Tholepin:  Anita is going to interview one member per month for article in Tholepin.

Website - Bill T. Will work on password protected membership lists.  Will work with Art Shotwell to update the website with pictures and interesting things.

Pull and Be Damned at Bowman Bay?  Do we want to put on a new event?  Will discuss at meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, December 29, 2015- DRAFT

The meeting was called to order by Robin Pestarino, President at 10:30am, at the Chamber Conference room.  Board members present:  Torgy Torgerson, VP; Bill Epler, Treasurer; Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary. Trustee present: David Jackson. Committee Chairs present: Vicki O'Brien, Marty Foote and Gary Sandvig.

Topics of Discussion:

1. Safety Committee: working on issues related to out of area travel, float plans and notification of Masters who have not updated their annual skills.

2. Racing Teams: Float Plans due for LaConner Race on Feb 6. Women have one team for sure.  Torgy is unsure if there will be a men's racing team this year.

3. Budget: Bill is working on a 2016 budget to present to membership.  Will include overhaul of Annie C (last done 2012) and Glide (last done 2013).  Will plan to present the annual budget at the 1/22/16 meeting.  Interim Board meeting scheduled on 1/12, 2:30pm at Robin's to review the budget.

4. Tholepin:  to be printed in grey scale on white paper.  Still printing 25 copies for the meeting.  Robin requests budget item to cover pringing, $25/month.

5. New Trailer:  Charlie Drake has located a custom trailer maker.  Won't include item in annual budget, will take out of Capital fund.  Await estimate.

6. CD:  Bill reports the 6month CD is about to roll over, currently get 1/10% interest, will explore changing to a new one with better (slightly) interest.

7. Shelter:  Gary is still gathering DATA, waiting for materials before making an estimate.  He has replaced numerous zip ties and they are holding up.  Will repaint some areas in the Spring.

8.  ByLaws:  Almost ready, meeting at Robin's soon.

9.  Crew 4081:  David Jackson is the representative to the Executive Board.  Cathy Schaeffer will be the OARS representative on the Crew 81 Committee.

10: Financial report:  Still getting membership $$ from members.

11. Erica:  There is interest in restoring the Erica.  Robin will discuss with Port Townsend boat school and Torgy will discuss with Seattle boat school as a project.  David thinks it may take a Master boatbuilder to repair.  Boat was originally made as a student project.  It may be near it's life expetcancy.  Andy Stewart at Emerald Marine has offered to do the work on a "discount" but nothing specific.

Torgy made a motion to give Emerald Marine a 4 hour time slot to thoroughly evaluate the damage and make an estimate on repair costs and feasibility.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. 

12. Procedure Manual:  Still needs ByLaws and Maintenance section before it is sent to the readers (Beth Bell, John Guinn & David Jackson)

13. Membership form and public availabilitiy of names, phone # and email.  The membership form will be revised to let people know that their personal information is currently available on the website to anyone.  There will be a disclaimer on the application.  Some Board members urged addition of a password for personal information.

14. Fiscal year/Budget year/Annual meeting.  Discussion occured about aligning these three events, to follow the rulebook and requirements for a 501(c)(3).  Discussion will resume at a later date.

There will be a Board meeting at Robin's on Jan 12 at 2:30pm, to review the proposed budget for 2016.  The regular January Board Meeting will be on January 26, 2016 at 10:30am at the Chamber meeting room.

Respectfully submitted, Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary



OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Nov. 24, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Robin Pestarino, President, at 10:30am, at the Chamber Conference room.  Board member present: Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary. Trustee present: David Jackson.

Trailers:  Check with Charlie Drake about safety check on trailers.  Do we need a new trailer?  David suggests EZ Loader Trailers in Spokane.  The owner was a Sea Scout, and was helpful and economical in the purchase of the new trailer for the Elizabeth Bonaventure.  Robin will contact them.

Weight of Boats:  David reports the Island Star weighs 410lbs, the Annie C is 280lbs, the Elizabeth Bonaventure is 1800lbs and the Rescue is 180lbs. Unsure about weight of the Glide, will need to be weighed on the freight scale prior to ordering a new trailer.

Shelter:  The zipper is broken in the SE corner, where the book is stored.  Also the NE side is down, the zip ties snapped during a recent storm.  Robin will notify Gary Sandvig.

Mission Statement:  The one page OARS brochure that is handed out at events, needs a revision or update of the Mission Statement.  Two proposals will be presented to the next meeting.  They are:

1. The purpose of OARS shall be to encourage the construction, preservation and use of hand-launched, non-motorized, rowing and sailing craft and to serve as a conduit for the exchange of good marine practice.

2. The purpose of OARS shall be to encourage the construction, preservation and use of hand-launched, non-motorized, rowing and sailing craft and to foster appreciation for boating safety, Maritime history and the Arts and Traditions of Puget Sound.

Procedure for selling Club property:

1. The sale should be proposed, seconded and passed at an OARS meeting with a quorum of officers present.  Do Trustees need to approve?

2. Information needed will include a discription of the item, the value and replacement cost, do we have a duplicate?

3. The Executive Board &/or Trustee member will oversee the sale once approved.

4. Proceeds will go to the General Fund.

Boat Maintenence:

Marty Foote, Boat Maintenance Committee Chair, has proposed March as the month to start on annual boat maintenance. The area at Emerald Marine designated for OARS will be organized and equipment stored will be sorted and rearranged.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Oct. 26, 2015

Attendees:  Robin Pestarino, President, Torgy Torgerson, VP, Bill Epler, Treasurer, Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary

The first organizational BOD meeting was held on 10/26/15, at 3pm.  Items discussed:

Reoccuring fees:

1. Liability insurance, due in April, $425

2. Directors and officer liability insurance, due in October, $1100. Plan to inquire about extending coverage to Masters.

3. Trailer licensing:  Elizabeth Bonaventure: $70, due in March; 3 additional trailers, due in May/June $42 each.

4. Emerald Marine rent: $100/month

5. PO Box, due Feb, $58

6. Web services, due Feb, $54.  Ask Bill Testerman, Webmaster, if we need another program to open jpegs or pfd files (Open Office?)

7. Annual meeting, Oct/Nov, AYC rental $100.  Also speaker fee.

8. Donation to Small Boat Messabout, May, $100

9. State Non-profit form is filed in January. $10

10. Form 990-easy (postcard) Dept of Treasury IRS form, receive Nov, due May

11. Yearly Budget presented in January


VP Torgy will organize OARS participation in the following special events:

1. Vetrans Day Salute, Nov 11th

2. Small Boat Messabout, May   (Norwegian Independence Day, May 16th)

3. Waterfront Festival, 1st weekend in June

Torgy will contact the Chamber of Commerce at least 3 months prior to the event.  Robin is on the planning committee.  We would like to have the OARS boat in front of our booth this year, if possible.  It was suggested that we could make laminated signs to identify the parts of the boat.

4. 4th of July Parade


VP Torgy Torgerson will organize OARS Special Programs including:

1. OARS Intro to Rowing Program.  This will be offered Friday mornings in September.

It will be advertised in the Anacortes American.  Any new members who sign up in the last quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec), will have the three months plus the next year included in their annual dues, and they will get a free 5 row card.  All interested persons rowing must sign a waiver, the waiver will be kept in the log book until the Treasurer, Bill Epler, picks them up.  Bill will contact interested persons to see if they want to join. Please make sure the info is ledgible.

2. Port/City/OARS rowing program.

The weekly program, during the summer, provided a way for Port and City employees to try rowing.  Jack Darnton and David Jackson were the Masters.  We will check with them about the terms of the program.

3. Annual Meeting, Member Potluck get togethers during the year.

Torgy will organize the Annual Meeting/Potluck.  There is interest in promoting the Small Boat Messabout as an OARS potluck to increase participation in the event.  In addition another club potluck will be arranged in August, possibly at the Skyline Cabana. 

OARS Board of Director Meetings

1. An agenda will be developed by Robin prior to each BOD meeting, and it will be posted on the website.  

2. BOD meeting minutes will also be posed on the website.

3. The BOD will meet on the last Tuesday of each month, at 10:30am, at the Chamber of Commerce meeting room.  The first meeting will be November 24, 2015.

4. The BOD agenda and the BOD meeting minutes will be found on a separate page on the website, and the Master's/General Meeting Agenda and Minutes will be on a separate page on the website.  The meetings are open to all members.

2015-16 Committee Chairs:

Archives - Vicki O'Brien

Bosun - Charlie Drake

ByLaws - Mindy Sorensen, Christine Mathis, Torgy Torgerson, Robin Pestarino, David Jackson

Crew 4081 - David Jackson (Kristi Kefgen)

Maintenance Supervisor - Marty Foot

Membership - Bill Epler

Procedure Manual - Mindy Sorensen, Christine Mathis, Torgy Torgerson, Robin Pestarino

Race Coordinator - Christine Mathes

Safety - Jim Laurel

Scheduling - Chuck Ackerman

Shelter - Gary Sandvig

Tholepin - Anita Ruzich

Webmaster - Bill Testerman


Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Agenda, October 26, 2015

1. Establish Master Management Calendar that includes expected fees/payments in coming year and Club events.

2. Establish Committees and Chairpersons

3. Review insurance policies

4. Establish Agenda for OARS member meeting.

5. Determine BOD meeting location, date and time.

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