Board of Directors Agenda & Meeting Minutes, Nov.2016 - Dec.2017

Minutes of the OARS Board Meeting, November 28, 2017, 10:30 a.m. Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Board Room.

Present: Jack Darnton – President, Cathy Schaeffer – Vice President, Bill Epler – Treasurer, Marilyn Sollers – Treasurer-Elect, Simone Spiess – Secretary, Skip Dassler – Safety.

The minutes of the October 24, 2017 Board Meeting were read and approved with one change that deleted a sentence about the participation of Diana Berge in the financial meetings.

Treasurer/Finance:  Bill reported that the rowing cards were selling well.  The expenses of the Installation Event were compared to the Budget and showed that the event was within Budget. Bill will prepare an annual review of the Financial Status.

It was proposed that a standing committee for Membership be established as a separate function from the Treasurer. Membership tracking and recruitment of new members would be part of its functions. Jack will see whether the Bylaws will accommodate this change. Marilyn will look at the procedures of reporting renewals and new members in January. Cathy will start looking for volunteers for the Membership Committee.

Reports and Updates

Ship 4081/Youth Outreach:

Cathy reported that scheduling of rowing time vs sailing time vs classroom time continues to be challenging.

The elimination of the Ship 4081 designation appeared to better show our focus on Youth Outreach. Jack will review the ByLaws for the possible need for changes to reflect this name change.


Jack has a printed copy of the slides shown at the Installation Event and will turn them over to Robin for the Archives.

Jack mentioned the Lighted Boat Parade and a possible participation by one of the OARS boats. This year’s program features a Decorated Dinghy Parade on December 2.  OARS may want to participate in the future.

Jack also reported on the Anacortes Small Boat Center Meeting. The Center discussed making the Small Boat Messabout a larger event with more activities that reach out to the community. The Center also discussed starting a Wednesday Night event, perhaps monthly, at the time of the sailboat races, that includes small boats and rides for the community. Jack volunteered to be the OARS representative at the Small Boat Center for 2018.

Jack inquired about the possibility of the Lady Oars Racing Team hosting a race in Anacortes. Cathy mentioned that the races are sanctioned by the Sound Rowers and we would have to understand and adhere to their rules and regulations. The possibility of a men’s racing team and a mixed racing team were also discussed as possible future developments. Jack also mentioned that there may be an opportunity of a Tacoma-to-Port Townsend Rowing Race as part of the 2018 Race to Alaska.

Jack proposed to recognize the public relations benefits of the Lady Oars Rowers by contributing $200 from OARS funds towards race entry fees and transportation expenses. This proposal will be brought forward at the December Masters Meeting.


Cathy reported that Walt Guterbock repaired the door of the shelter.


Skip said that he continues to work on the audit of the Master Status. There are quite a few Masters who have not completed their Annual Exercises. Skip will look into phone calls and emails as reminders of the deadline. 



Communications: Cathy has most positions covered since many have agreed to continue in their current position. Cathy will start looking for a Membership Tracking Person and a Membership Recruitment Person.

Simone proposed a special holiday sale of $5 off on the OARS T-shirts. Jack agreed to send out a special notice prior to the next Masters Meeting.

 Cathy reported that Jackie Boss has agreed to be responsible for the OARS Gear Inventory in the coming year.

There will be no Board Meeting in December. The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be Tuesday, January 23, 2018.


Prepared by Simone Spiess, Secretary, December 8, 2017. 


Minutes of the OARS Board Meeting, October 24, 2017, 10:30 a.m. Callico Cupboard Restaurant, Anacortes.

Present: Jack Darnton – President, Cathy Schaeffer – Vice President, Simone Spiess – Secretary, Skip Dassler – Safety.

The September 16 Board Meeting was conducted as an informal discussion between Jack and Robin Pestarino, the only attendees.

Treasurer/Finance: Jack reported for Treasurer Bill Epler. The 2018 Budget passed on October 20. Bill and Marilyn Sollers (Treasurer-elect) have met to discuss the turnover. Diana Berge will participate in their next meeting. It was discussed that future treasurer’s reports could show year-to-date and monthly figures if possible. The fee for new row cards will go up to $50 starting January 1, 2018.


Ship 4081: Cathy reported that the scheduling with Shearwater University and the weather will take some extra effort.

Scheduling: Jack thanked Cathy for hosting the Annual Meeting. Cathy will submit the receipts to Bill Epler.

Installation Agenda: Jack discussed the agenda and logistics for the November 16 Officer Installation Event at the Majestic. Mindy has received twenty-five confirmations so far.

Maintenance: no known concerns.

Safety: Skip lead an extensive discussion of several aspects of the Masters program. Skip will continue as Safety officer next year and hopes to expand the Safety Committee.  

Communications: Cathy, as President-Elect, will be on the Agenda for the next couple of meetings to encourage volunteers for the various committees.

The following meetings are scheduled for the rest of the 2017:

November 3      Masters’ Meeting at the Anacortes Public Library – 7:30 a.m.

November 16    Installation Event at the Majestic - 5:30 p.m.

November 17    General Meeting at the Anacortes Public Library – 7:30 a.m.

November 28    Board Meeting at the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce  - 10:30 a.m.

December 1       Masters’ Meetng at the Anacortes Public Library – 7:30 a.m.

December 15     General Meeting at the Anacortes Public Library – 7:30 a.m.


Prepared by Simone Spiess, Secretary, October 31, 2017.


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, July 25, 2017.

Present: Jack Darnton, President; Robin Pestarino, Past President; Cathy Schaeffer, Vice President; Simone Spiess, Secretary; Charley Drake, Bosun; Skip Dassler, Safety Officer.

The meeting was opened by Jack Darnton at 10:30 a.m. and conducted in an informal manner.

Annual Meeting: the Board will start contacting candidates for the Board and the Committees. Cathy mentioned that it is more difficult to get volunteers for Vice President now that the By-Laws ask a Vice President candidate to commit to three years on the Board. Charley Drake agreed to continue as Bosun. Skip Dassler agreed to continue as Safety Officer.

Community Rows have started on Friday, July 21 with two new rowers. Christine plans to have a A-Board at P-Dock to advertise the Friday 8:30 rows.

Club Picnic: Cathy volunteered to coordinate the row to Saddle Bag. Jack proposes August 15 or 22 for good tides and currents. Skip will work with Cathy on the Safety aspects of the picnic.

Maintenance: The painting of the Glide expected to come in under budget which will help with the Budget deficit.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m. and all headed to Emerald Marine to work on the Glide.

Prepared by Simone Spiess, July 30, 2017.



OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, June 27, 2017.

Present: Jack Darnton, President; Robin Pestarino, Past President; Cathy Schaeffer, Vice President; Bill Epler, Treasurer; Simone Spiess, Secretary; Charley Drake, Bosun; Skip Dassler, Safety Officer.

The meeting was called to order by Jack Darnton at 10:30 a.m.

Minutes of the May 23, 2017 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Epler presented a mid-year view of the financial status. Due to low sales of rowing cards and some additional expenses, a deficit of $500 to $1000 is estimated. Bill offered  alternatives to make up this shortfall including additional members, raising membership dues and/or raising rowing card fees. A discussion of the history, purpose and status of the Capital Fund followed.

Robin made a motion to terminate the allocation of 25% of the rowing card revenue to the Capital Fund. The additional revenue of the rowing cards would eliminate the budget deficit in the Operating Fund.  The motion was tabled pending discussion by the membership at the July 7 Masters’ Meeting.  An email announcing a discussion at the next Masters’ Meeting of the options to address the expected budget shortfall will be sent to all members.

July 4 Parade: Cathy will arrange for an email to get volunteers for the parade. The Glide will be pulled on Thursday at nine. Charley can tow the Glide on the trailer in the parade. The ‘Wear your Life Jacket’ banner is in a storage box under the Preston. The Glide will be returned to the Preston after the parade.

Veterans’ Day: Jack will ask John Guinn to organize the Veterans’s Day Salute.

Maintenance: A boot-scraper has been purchased and is stored in the shelter.

OARS Video: Jack will get the edited version when Tristan returns from vacation.

Communications: Jack has arranged the publicity of the Guest Rows which start July 21.

Outreach: Jack has documented the OARS Outreach Funds Guidelines for the archives.

Island Star: Charley reported that an additional roller on the trailer is expected to correct the position of the boat.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

Prepared by Simone Spiess, Secretary, July 2, 2017


OARS Board of Director Meeting Minutes, May 23, 2017

Present: Jack Darnton, President; Robin Pestarino, Past President; Cathy

Schaeffer, V; Bill Epler, Treasurer; Charley Drake, Bosun; Skip Dassler, Safety


The meeting was called to order by Jack Darnton at 10:30am.

1. The Messabout. The event was noted to be smaller than in some other years.

There was a variety of different small boats. OARS gave rides in the Elizabeth

Bonaventure and the Annie C. About 20 OARS members volunteered to help out

at the Messabout. The BBQ was tasty. Jack will put pictures on the website


2. The Waterfront Festival, June 3 & 4. Bill Epler is organizing the move and

cleaning of the Island Star on Friday afternoon, June 2, to the festival area. Marty

Foot, Charley Drake, Skip Dassler and Walter Guterbock have volunteered to help.

Cathy has been getting volunteers for the booth. Robin reports that there will not

be a space for the Elizabeth Bonaventure at the dock. There are no activities

planned for Seafarer’s Park either, so the Bonaventure will not be giving rides

during the festival.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Bill reports that we are down $1100.00 in rowing card

sales, which projects to $5200.00 for the year and may increase the budget deficit

this year. Rowing card sales are picking up with better weather.

It is suggested that a separate budget fund be established for youth programs vs

community outreach. Boats and money have been donated specifically to youth

programs and that should be honored.

4. Crew 4081 name: Crew 4081 refers to a BSA troop and is confusing because our

youth program is no longer sponsored by BSA. Some suggested names were Ship

81 or Youth Outreach (YO) or Oars Outreach. We would like to get a regular crew

on the Bonaventure as well as Sunday Sails. David is available to skipper the

Sunday sails a couple of times per month. Cathy has been talking to Torgy about

skippering the weekday crew.

OARS Board of Director Meeting Minutes, May 23, 2017, page 2

5. Safety: Skip reports he is updating the rowing schedule, with Jim Laurel’s

assistance, and will post it on the website. Robin would like a separate Master’s

List. Skip is going to send out the 2 year Master’s written test to take open book.

He will also send out the answers for review.

6. OARS video: Jack showed the first draft of the video. It was suggested that

credits be added with rower’s names, for historical purposes. We suggested they

first show some of the “bad” examples, then move into the 4 count and other

strokes. The final video will be ready in about 2 weeks. Jack is going to give

Tristan, the student who worked on the project, a Starbuck’s card as a thank you.

7. Youth program: Cathy reports that there are 2 more rowing days with the kids

before their summer break. Maria Christianson, the Head Mistress of the Salish

Sea Deaf School, has asked us to participate in the last day of classes, to tell the

parents about the program. Cathy has made up certificates for each student,

listing their accomplishments in the program. They will be invited to Sunday sails

on the Bonaventure. Joan Pringle, from the Anacortes American, is going to

interview the kids for an article in the paper.

Meeting adjourned at ll:30am. Respectfully submitted by Cathy Schaeffer.


Minutes of the OARS Board of Directors Meeting, Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

President Jack Darnton started the meeting at 10:35 a.m.

Present: Cathy Schaeffer – Vice-President, Bill Epler – Treasurer, Skip Dassler – Safety, and Simone Spiess – Secretary.

Finance:  Bill Epler reviewed our coverage for liability as OARS members for activities in the harbor and when transporting OARS boats on our trailers. Jack asked Bill to prepare a one-page summary of our coverage. Cathy will check with the Salish Sea Deaf School about their school liability coverage.

Bill discussed the impact of the current low demand for rowing cards on our Operating Capital. Bill proposed to prepare a mid-year check of the financial status for review by the Board and members.

The monthly Masters meeting and the General meeting could be held in the Anacortes Library meeting room at no charge. This would mean a savings of $600 annually. Cathy offered to contact the library and get the details for the next Masters’ meeting on May 5.

Committee Reports:


 Small Boat Messabout:  Cathy has the brochures and will circulate sign-up sheets for the Community Rows.

Waterfront Festival Planning: Skip talked about the process of cleaning the Island Star. It may be best to use the facilities of Bubba Suds. In that case, the new trailer will need to be fitted to the Island Star. Skip will discuss this with his Tuesday morning rowing group.

Fourth of July Parade: Cathy will start to develop a plan.


Skip proposed that scheduling the Masters on the water test could be a group project in one day with several Masters in the boats and each taking turns for the test. This would eliminate the difficulties in scheduling of each individual test with the inevitable weather delays. September was mentioned as a possible date when most Masters would be available.   

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Prepared by Simone Spiess, Secretary, May 3, 2017.




Minutes of the OARS Board of Directors Meeting, Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

The meeting was opened at 10:35 a.m. by Vice President Cathy Schaeffer.

Present: Robin Pestarino, Past President, Simone Spiess, Secretary, and Bill Epler, Treasurer.

Minutes of the February 28, 2017 Board Meeting were accepted as prepared by Cathy Schaeffer.

Finance:  Bill Epler met with our insurance agent. Our coverage is for liability as OARS members. Bill will have further discussion with our agent about possible coverage of injury to our members while using the boats.

Bill also reported that he has changed from Quickbooks to Quicken. He will be able to print the financial reports and their supporting detail for the years 2003 through 2016. Robin requested that these printouts be given to Vicki O’Brien to store in the archives.

Committee Reports:


Boat maintenance schedule: the maintenance of the Glide will be delayed since Emerald Marine cannot accommodate the Glide in May. If necessary, the Island Star will be used for the Waterfront Festival on June 3-4.

Bosun: Susan Guterbock will contact Boshie about repairing the stitching of the zipper in the southeast corner of the shelter.


 Small Boat Messabout:

The Lady Oars Racing Team will organize Community Rows.  David Jackson will be in charge of the Elizabeth Bonaventure. Cathy Schaeffer asked about the location of the OARS brochures since they are not in the box in the shelter.

Waterfront Festival Planning:

Robin confirmed that our boats will be located at the Waterfront dock which is a fair walk from the other activities.


It was agreed in the OARS General Meeting on March 17 that the Elizabeth Bonaventure will not be maintained as a School Ship. This will eliminate the need for drug testing of OARS members.  The meeting with Chris Anderson of the Boy Scouts of America at the April 25 Board meeting, may impact the decision about Crew 4081 but would not require Coast Guard School Ship status.


The filming of the ‘How to Row’ video by the Anacortes High School Video Team has been completed but some additional filming inside the boats is still underway. The schedule of the voice over was not known since Jack Darnton could not attend this Board meeting.



New  Business:

Robin Pestarino reported that the Lady Oars Racing Team has agreed that the crews are open to men.  Robin suggested that Vicki O’Brien could put a note in the Tholepin to inform all members.

Cathy Schaeffer has a boat crew and shore crew for the race in Everett on April 1. The fitting of the trailer to the Annie C. will have to take place on Friday, March 31. Weather conditions and currents are a concern for the race. 

Cathy Schaeffer reported on the progress of the Anacortes Small Boat Center. The fundraising for a Sailing Instructor is making good progress. Robin requested that Cathy check on the plan for the donations if the ASBC is not successful in raising the funds for a Sailing Instructor. Robin also raised the question of the results of the Marine Trades Committee meeting regarding the plans for the North Basin.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Prepared by Simone Spiess, Secretary, April 7, 2017.



Agenda, Board of Directors Meeting, March 28, 2017

1. Introductions

2. Minutes from 2/28/2017 meeting

3. Finance

Committee Reports:

4. Maintenance:

Boat maintenance schedule


5. Scheduling:

Small Boat Messabout Planning

Waterfront Festival Planning

6. Safety

7. Communications

8. New Business


Board of Directors Meeting, Chamber Meeting Room, February 28, 2017

Present:  Jack Darnton, President, Cathy Schaeffer, VP, Marty Foot, Maintenance Chair 2016, Skip Dassler, Safety Committee Chair, Bill Epler, Treasurer

Messabout: May 20, 2017

Cathy will organize the volunteers for community boat rows and the table with OARS info in the shelter.  Skip will arrange the lift schedule volunteers.  Skip will organize a training at the lift on Friday, May 19th.  The Port's spreader bar and slings will be used to lift the boats, not OARS equipment.

Crew 4081

Budget revision to cover drug testing, for Coast Guard School Ship license, 2 new lifejackets and an electric flare.  The equipment should come out of the Bosun Account, recommend revising that account.  Skip will do an inventory of safety equipment onboard.


Marty Foot presented a detailed yearly plan to put the maintenance of our fleet on a predictable schedule.  He has scheduled 4 years between major reconditioning work on each boat and 2 years between replacement of the bottom paint, using waterbased ablative paint.  Marty proposes we do the refurbishing in May so we have a clean boat to show in the Water Front Festival in June.  The proposed schedule will be published in the Tholepin and placed on the website for reference and placed in the Manual as Appendix 6.  Jack will finalize the dates with Andy Stewart at Emerald Marine.

Water Front Festival

Jack reports he has turned in our application.  Nancy Rattan is the new WFF organizer.  Will the Elizabeth B give community rides?  Where will she dock?  We should develop a schedule of 4 excursions with signs :  "Ask me about free boat rides" for the booth.

Anacortes Small Boat Center

Cathy will attend the monthly meetings, first Tuesday/month at 6:30pm at AYC.

Finance:  Bill reports that the by-laws state that the budget will be presented at the October annual meeting.  It will be developed by projecting from last year's budget. RCW for 501C3 require the budget be presented at the Annual meeting.

Bill points out that we are not going to make our budget this year, a deficit will occur.  We could tweak the amount of rowing card income that goes to the capital fund (currently 1/2) and have more income to the operating fund.  We could also raise dues.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30.  Respectfully submitted by Cathy Schaeffer, VP


BOD Quorum

1. Quorum for Executive Session: 3 of 4 members.

2. Quorum for BOD: simple majority of 6 chairs and 4 officers.


Board of Directors Meeting, Chamber Meeting Room, January 24, 2017

Present: President Jack Darnton, VP Cathy Schaeffer, Bill Epler, Treasurer and Charley Drake, Maintenance Chair and Bosun

The meeting was called to order at 10:30am.

Unfinisihed Business:

Treasurer's Report - Bill Epler.  Bill has developed an OARS Financial Calendar, which will be very helpful. It will be posted on the website.  Bill also reported that the Crew 4081 account will be folded into the OARS accounts soon.  Cathy will propose a budget for the rest of the year.  Bill will prepare a budget revision to be presented at the regular meeting.

Maintenance - Charley Drake.  Charley reports that he will gladly assume the chairmanship of the Maintenance Committee.  He is also continuing as the Bosun.

Discussion about boat maintenance developed a plan for Jack to meet with Andy Stewart, Emerald Marine, to discuss hiring Andy as a consultant to develeop a plan for boat maintenance and to oversee the work.  We would provide 3-4 foremen to follow Andy's plan.

Lady's Racing Team - Cathy Schaeffer.  The Annie C will be pulled on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017 at 9:30am for the LaConner Race, and will be refitted to the new trailer.  The rollers and bunks will be raised up so the boat clears the frame.  Charley will ask a designated lift master to be present, so Charley can get checked off on lift master.

Rowing Card Policy Revision - Jack Darnton.  Jack has developed a revision to the Rowing Card Policy, to clarify when members should punch their cards.  The policy will be reviewed at the next meeting.  Members should punch their cards for all rows except if they are rowing on a special outreach row, such as Crew 4081 or special corporate rows.  We want to thank everyone who volunteers their time and expertise.

Possible ByLaws amendements:  A number of unclear situations have been identified and they are not noted in the ByLaws, including:

1. What is a quorum for the Board of Directors?

2. Is there a clear path to become a Lift Master?  How do you find out who is a lift master?

3. If an item is in the budget, do you still need approval/vote to proceed?

Scheduling: Small Boat Messabout is coming up. Jack will contact the Chamber to fill out the application for the Waterfront Festival.

Crew 4081 - Cathy Schaeffer.  The first row with the Salish Sea Deaf School was a success.  Frank Orr and the interpreter did an excellent job.  The kids were great and they all wanted to come back next week.

Chairpersons still needed!  Scheduling, The Tholepin, Safety. Jack continues recruiting efforts.

Meeting adjourned 11:10am.  

Submitted by Cathy Schaeffer, VP



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