Board of Directors Agenda & Meeting Minutes, Nov 2016 - Dec. 2017

Minutes of the OARS Board of Directors Meeting, December 27, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 1030 by Robin Pestarino, President.

Present: Torgy Torgerson, VP, Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary, Jack Darnton, President-elect, Mindy Sorensen and Charley Drake, Bosun.

Year End Reports:

Robin has requested a year end report from each Board member and Committee Chair.

1. Crew 4081 - Cathy Schaeffer.  Discussion was about ownership of the Elizabeth Bonaventure and associated assets (Checking balance, trailer, donated boats). Cathy will check with Chris Anderson, the BSA rep, and Robin will contact David Jackson, Skipper of the former Sea Scout program.

The Salish Sea Deaf School project is moving along.  OARS is requested to sponsor the program and pay the student's membership fees and for notebooks and t-shirts.

2. Bosun - Charley Drake.  The two new trailers will be fitted to the boats when the weather improves.  Charley acknowledged Torgy's help with the Bosun job. We have adequate leather and lines for now.

Shelter - Will be repaired until Port redesignes the dock.

Maintenance - Marty Foot has a timeline for 2017 boat maintenance.

Treasurer - Not present today.  See Annual report.

Handbook - Mindy Sorensen. Is included in new member information.  The Mission Statement is done and the Manual is done.

Scheduling - VP has done many scheduling activities in the past.  Jack will look for a Scheduling Chair, Cathy will help out.

Safety - All Masters have renewed this year.  Discussion about changing Master renewal requirements.

Communications - Jack will explore some changes to the website with Bill Testerman.

Tax filing:  Bill Testerman does the tax filing.

Meeting was adjourned at 1130.

Respectfully submitted by Cathy Schaeffer, Secretary



Minutes of the OARS Board of Directors Meeting, Tuesday, November 22, 2016. 

The meeting was opened by Robin Pestarino, President at 10:40. Jack Darnton, President-elect, Simone Spiess, Secretary-elect, and Bill Testerman, Web Master were present.  

The meeting focused on the transition to the new Board of Directors and was conducted in a workshop format. The following topics were discussed: 

Jack wants to send President’s Messages by email to the members. Bill Testerman will send the email addresses to Jack. Jack likes to include ‘Upcoming Events’ in the Tholepin. The Calendar on the OARSS website will be updated with meetings and events by the Secretary. Jack and Bill will look into a format for the Master Calendar. 

Jack expects to have his Committee Chair persons in place in time for the first Board of Directors’ meeting on January 24, 2017. Robin and Jack reviewed the current Committee Chair persons and discussed their possible continuation or replacement. 

Robin anticipates the creation of a Policies Manual which would consist of policies that were not appropriate for the OARS Procedures Manual.   

Robin is completing the New Member package. It will be ready once the envelopes are printed with our logo. Jack would like to see the words under the logo to read “Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society”.   

Robin gave an update on Cathy Schaeffer’s progress with the Elizabeth Bonaventure and the Salish Sea Deaf School. Cathy has written a letter to the Pt.Townsend School District to request their curriculum for the maritime program. This curriculum would then be the basis for our local program.  

Bill Testerman would like to see the Master’s Ceremony receive more recognition. He would like to see a Certificate as has been done in the past and, possibly, honor the new Masters at the Annual Meeting. 

Robin reviewed a proposal by Jake Beattie to create a Puget Sound wide organization that supports smaller rowing and sailing groups such as OARS. Jack and Robin agreed that this may not be a good fit for OARS.  Bill mentioned that OARS is part of a state wide non-profit group called ‘The Washington Nonprofit Institute’. This group serves as an agency to provide support where needed. Jack will look into a way to be supportive of Jake’s effort without committing OARS.      

The next OARS Board of Directors’ meeting will be on Tuesday, December 27 at 10:30 a.m. in the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Board Room. 

The meeting was adjourned at noon. 

Prepared by Simone Spiess, November 25, 2016. 

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