Minutes OARS Board Meetings 2018


President Cathy Schaeffer called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM.  Also present:  vice president Peter Heffelfinger, past president Jack Darnton, treasurer Marilyn Sollers, secretary Priscilla Legg, safety officer Skip Dassler, membership chair Mindy Sorenson, maintenance chair Robin Pestarino, boatswain Charlie Drake and members Jim Laurel and David Jackson.


Treasury/2019 Budget:   In response to the projected deficit in the 2019 budget related to the proposed new website,the board discussed ways to increase revenues to meet expenses, including donations from IRA distributions and specific objective donations, offering classes through the parks department, and changing the fee structure for membership.  The board agreed that the ongoing expenses of using and maintaining the boats should be covered by the members in the membership fees and rowing cards.  A proposal to increase membership fees should be brought brought before the members for discussion.

Treasury:  Marilyn Sollers.  Received a bill from Emerald Marine for $813.27 that covers a major part of the work. 

 Minutes :  Minutes of August 28 meeting were read and approved as corrected.

Annual Meeting:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Business meeting will be October 19, 7:30 AM at Cathy's house.  8:30 row will be cancelled.  Installation of officers will be a dessert potluck at Seafarers' Park on November 29 from 7:00 til 10:00.

Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino.  Annie C has been a difficult job.  2010 was her last reconditioning.She will be moved to Charlie Drake's heated garage for finishing tomorrow.  

Elizabeth Bonaventure:  David Jackson.  Adair Orr has interest from some youth groups, and would like the the Bonaventure taken off the market for a year to give Adair time to organize a program.  Motion:  That the Elizabeth Bonaventure be removed from the market.  Passed.

Proposed Website:  Jack Darnton:  Projected costs are $2500.  Next steps are to pass the budget, select a provider, and develop a site map.

Membership:  Mindy Sorenson.  No clear policy on trial rows.  Board would like to be flexible, but generally, no more than three free rows for prospective members.

Accident Reporting:  Skip Dassler.  Skip will develop an accident reporting procedure for inclusion in the manual.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.



President Cathy Schaeffer called the meeting to order.  Also present vice president Peter Heffelfinger, past president Jack Darnton, treasurer Marilyn Sollers, safety chair Skip Dassler, and arriving late, secretary Priscilla Legg and guest Jared Harrison.


Fee Schedule:  Jack Darnton.  Motion:  That a new membership fee schedule be presented to the membership for a vote:  regular membership - $50.00, non-rowing friends membership - $15.00, youth membership - $10.00.  Passed.  This would eliminate the current family membership.

Website Exploration:  Jack Darnton introduced Jared Harrison, an independent website designer who designed the new site for the Anacorted Waterfront Alliance.  Jared presented a sample introductory page and talked about ideas for easier access for members and more ianviting presentation to the public  Costs would run $2000 to $2500 for the design.  Most editing would be done by members with no monthly fee.

Minutes:  Minutes of meeting July 24 were read and approved.  

Annual Meeting:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Business meeting scheduled for October 19th.  November 30 is proposed for the officers installation and party with catered desserts. Seafarers' Park is the preferred venue.

Saddlebag Picnic:  Cancelled for smoke.  To be rescheduled.

Newbie Rows:  Cathy Schaeffer.  In order to keep the interest of new members,  the club would like to schedule some weekly sign-up rows with rotating masters for people not on regular crews.  These would continue through the good weather in the fall.

2019 Budget:  Marilyn Sollers.  Marilyn reviewed the proposed budget in depth.  Budget shows a deficit of approximately $3000 due to a proposed one-time expense for a new website.  Marilyn will send out revised proposal for discussion at the next regular meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.



Meeting called to orde at 10:30.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack Darnton, vice president Peter Heffelfinger, treasurer Marilyn Soller, secretary Priscilla Legg, safety chair Skip Dassler, and maintenance chair Robin Pestarino.  Minutes from June 20 board meeting were read and approved.


Saddlebag Picnic:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Cathy would like help organizing a club row and picnic to Saddlebag Island.

Emergency Exit Maps:  Peter Heffelfinger circulated a draft map of spots to meet EMS vehicles in case of an emergency on board.   The final map will be laminated and copies placed in the boats.

Finance:  Marilyn Sollers.  The board discussed adding a new events category to the budget for expenses such as the pixie boats used in the 4th of July parade

Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino.  Proceeding.  Scheduling workers is still an issue.

Safety:  Skip Dassler.  Marilyn is cleaning life jacket pouches two at a time, and jackets are being rotated as they are cleaned.

Bylaw revisions:  Robin Pestarino.  Robin will activate committee to make recommended revisions.  Manual also needs some updates.  The board discussed creating a policy manual with items such as a guest policy and guidelines for newbie rows which are not currently written down except in old minutes.

Shelter:  Needs cleaning and restitching.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.



Meeting called to order at 10:30 AM.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack  Darnton, secretary Priscilla Legg, treasurer Marilyn Sollers, maintenance chair Robin Pestarino, safety chair Skip Dassler, and guest Art Shotwell. Minutes of meeting May 22 were read and approved.


Web site:  Art Shotwell submitted a written page of talking points for the development of a new web site.  This is not a proposal as costs will depend on design.  Discussion touched on costs for set-up, service and hosting, software,separate pages for minutes of each meeting, back-up, amount of time and need to transfer material to new web site, responsive website, free Google services available for compatible web site, photo clarity, and more.  Jack will check with Kevin about the new site for the Waterfront  Alliance, and bring a site map to facilitate discussion.  Information will be shared with the general membership, and perhaps a working group established.  Board would like to see the development of the site included in next year's budget.

4th of July:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Still working on volunteers to pull boat and march in parade.

Finance:  Marilyn Sollers.  CD coming due and will be renewed.  Red trailer license will not be renewed, as trailer is for sale for $275 obo. Trailer for Rescue is due and Robin will look for paperwork at her house.  $80.00 has been received for sale of sailboards.

Maintenace:  Robin Pestarino.  Star is at Emerald Marine, work to start in July, projected to take about a month.  Annie C will be pulled out after Star is done.  Robin is organizing paddles so each boat in the water has two..

Archives:  Robin Pestarino.  No help from the state, but our museum is interested in minutes, photos indexed in bankers boxes.  Free.

Guest Policy:  There is no written guest policy.

Meeting adjourned at 11:57.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.



Meeting called to order at 10:30.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack Darnton, vice president Peter Heffelfinger, treasurer Marilyn Sollers, secretary Priscilla Legg, maintenance chair Robin Pestarino, and safety chair Skip Dassler.  Minutes from April were read and approved.

Messabout Boat Damage:  Cathy Schaeffer. Boshie has asked that someone admit to causing the damage to her boat.  She is not asking for payment. The board does not feel OARS can accept liability for the damage.  Many people saw the Bonaventure dock, and there are no witnesses to any sort of collision.  Cathy will write a letter expressing our regrets and explaining our position.  A dock master at the event might help prevent future problems.

Messabout Rodeo:  Skip Dassler.  Rodeo was a success with 13 masters plus others participating.  Suggestions include moving the COB  exercise to open water with a weighted dummy or live person in the water, and having the knot-tying in the boat where the knots would actually be used.  The eye-splices for the COB drill proved heavy and awkward and need re-thinking.

Treasury:  Marilyn Sollers.  OARS will pay $100 to the Messabout, as that hadn't been done previously.  Club received a $500 donation from Walt Guterbock for a boat that that had been offered to the club as a donation.

Communications:  Jack Darnton.  Having the Star and crew in the Seventy/48 Race is a media opportunity, and the club should consider borrowing or purchasing a Go-pro camera to document the event.  Jack will continue talking with Art Shotwell about a new website.  The club will need to develop a list to what it needs from a website.

Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino.  David Jackson, Andy and Robin pulled the Glide and think it can be repaired. and put in the water when the Star is pulled for the Seventy/48 Race.  The red trailer should be sold .  Asking $200.  We still need a gear basket for the Glide.

Tholepin/archives:  Vicki O"Brien will take over the archives and Tholepin at the end of the summer when their new house is finished.  Robin is still waiting to talk to the state archivist.  Old rowing logs may have statistical value in dtermining past boat usage.  Marilyn and Skip will work on developing a spread sheet.

Meeting adjourned.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.



Meeting called to order at 7:35.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack Darnton, secretary Priscilla Legg, safety and scheduling chait Skip Dassler and maintenance chair Robin Pestarino.

Treasury:  Cathy  Schaeffer.  Cathy is taking care of routine matters this month.  

Messabout:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Nedd to clean boats for swap meet.  Fiday night willhave hoist training and a lecture.  Robin volunteered her crews to take people out in the boats.  masters' sea trial rodeo will be in the afternoon. OARS can have unmanned informational table Skip is working on eye splice lines for the boats for the rodeo.

Waterfront Festival:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Need people at end of day who can curtain the booth.

Communications:  Jack Darnton.  Working on options for website.

Safety:  Skip Dassler.  EMS has keys for all the marinas for emergencies.  Pacific Marine prefers that we not use their dock.  Skip will check with the port re dock on channel.

Bylaws:  Robin Pestarino.  Robin will have her committee make housekeeping revisions once she has a list of points.

Bob Pickett Memorial:  June 24.

Glide:  Jack Darnton.  Needs a full complement of gear restored.

40th anniversary:  Robin.  This year?  need to mark it.

Meeting adjourned 11:16.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.



Meeting called to order at 10:28.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack Darnton, vice president Peter Heffelfinger, treasurer Marilyn Sollers, secretary Priscilla Legg, safety and scheduling chair Skip Dassler and maintenance chair Robin Pestarino.


Preston storage:  Peter Heffelfinger.  Water tank has been removed, and work has been done on trailer access.

Treasurer:  Marilyn Sollers:  Monthly report completed a few days early due to upcoming travel.  Eight donors gave $820. in memory of Bob Pickett.  The club also received an anonymous $2000 donation for the purchase of a new aluminum boat trailer.  Cathy was reimbursed $29 for coffee for the meeting moved to her house due to library closure.

Website:  Jack Darnton.  Website is full according to Bill Testerman, so slide show needs to go on Vimeo as a movie.  This is another reason to explore what we want from our website and the costs.  More space is available on this site for a fee.

Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino.  Andy hasn't reported on the Glide.  Robin will have a report on the longevity committee meeting for the masters' meeting on Friday.  The railing on the Annie C is in need of some care.

Safety:  Skip Dassler.  The two-year written exam for renewal of master's qualification is almost ready and will be emailed to qualified masters with the answers.  The safety committee is still working on the five-year sea trial renewal.  Discussion point is whether it should be a comprehensive test similar to the original qualification test, or more of a continuing education experience.

70/48 Race:  Skip Dassler.  The Coast Guard will be there, and no chase boat will be required.


Archives:  Robin Pestarino.  Material is stored at Robin's house temporarily, and there is a lot of it.  Some material is on floppy disks and not easily retreivable.  Robin would like some discussion of a policy for archiving materials.  Marilyn suggested checking with the state archivist.

Bylaws:   Robin Pestarino.  Need maintenance.

Bob Pickett Memorial:  Scheduled for June 24.  OARS will send a wreath.

Meeting adjourned at 11:38.

Priscilla Legg, secretary




Meeting called to order at 10:30.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack Darnton, vice president Peter Heffelfinger, secretary Priscilla Legg.


Preston storage area:  Peter Heffelfinger.  Frank Orr is willing to clean out additional space under the Preston that can then be used by OARS.  Some outside work is needed to improve trailer access to the gate.

Treasurer:  Absent.

Communications:  Jack Darnton.  Video is up on website.  At some point will need to revisit website issue.

Maintenance:  Cost of mural and possible maintenance needs to be discussed at general meeting.   Jack will talk to Port about locating on the building at Seafarer's.

Safety:  Cathy.  No meeting of boat life expectancy committee so far.  Cathy is concerned with first aid an emergency response.  She will talk to EMT's re where is the best place to go from various points in our rowing area.

Races:  Cathy.  Will collect pictures to put in a power point program.  Adair is planning on entering the seventy/48 race.  Cathy wants to explore the possibility of a second boat.

Messabout:  Peter.  There is the possibility of a marine swap meet if there is a volunteer to run it.  OARS has boats and possibly other items to sell.


Bob Pickett: Jack will bring an OARS card to Friday's meeting to send the club's condolences to Erica Pickett on the death of her husband and founding member Bob Pickett.

Budget:  Jack Darnton:  The question of donations outside of line items in the budget needs discussion and priortization by the membership.  Monetary support for racing teams should be revisited in the context of public awareness of the club and its goals and activities.

Bylaws:  Bylaws need updating.  Discussion and committee need to be started.

Meeting adjourned.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.






Meeting called to order at 10:30.  Present:  president Cathy Schaeffer, past president Jack Darnton, secretary Priscilla Legg, Treasurer Marilyn Sollers


Financial:  Marilyn Sollers.  Marilyn and Bill are about half way through the process of transferring the books to Marilyn.  The CD roll-over was discussed and the matter was tabled pending discussion with Bill Epler.

Communications:  Jack Darnton.  No response from the school on compressing the video.  He will try to tweak it himself.  Jack is also the Oars representative at SBC meetings.  

Messabout:  Question whether a marine swap meet could be part of the messabout.

Maintenance:  Cathy Schaeffer.  Shelter has a loose flap onthe west side which needs repair.

Deaf School;  Cathy  School rows will be on Wed. at 12:30, but not until March.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10.

Priscilla Legg, secretary.








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