Minutes OARS Board Meeting 2019


OARS Board Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2019

                        Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room


The meeting was called to order by President Peter Heffelfinger at 10:33am

Present were:  Peter Heffelfinger – President, Cathy Schaeffer - Past President, Skip Dassler - Vice-President, Nora McMillan – Secretary, Mindy Sorensen - Membership, Robin Pestarino - Maintenance, Marilyn Sollers - Treasurer, and Charlie Drake.

The minutes from March 26 were read, corrected to read: Marilyn has bought the foam for the seat cushions for the Erica and Glide, then approved.


1.   Treasurer:  Marilyn Sollers reported the insurance bill from Liberty Mutual for $476.00 arrived. There needs to be clarification about the policy covering the boats. It is also for general liability. We used to send the payment to Scott Richards but are now sending it directly to Liberty Mutual. B+O insurance would be about $1000 per year.

2.   Membership:  Mindy Sorensen reported we have 107 members.

3.   Maintenance: Robin Pestarino reported that Emerald Marine is very busy and won’t have a spot for us until June. There was a discussion about finding other sites to do maintenance during the winter. There was a discussion on the paint to use to redo the Annie C. A suggestion was made to ask if Fisheries Supply or Frontier if they could give us a discount, or perhaps give a donation of the paint. Skip can put the Annie C in his garage to work on. It will take about a week to complete. It was suggested to put the Glide in the water while the Annie C is getting worked on. Robin and Skip agreed to launch the Glide on May 7, while the Annie C is being maintained.

4.   Skip Dassler distributed the schedule of activities for the Messabout. There will be a fund-raising event on Saturday 5:30 to 7:30. It is $20 per person. This will support programs for the summer through AWA and Parks and Rec.

The new maintenance building project was discussed. The floor plan will be available. OARS will need to set up a Building Fund and begin planning to raise $50,000. There will be on-going monthly costs. Care must be taken to avoid negative environmental impact. We must keep the amount of hazardous waste low to avoid having to do Department of Ecology reports. AWA is the building’s owner and will be the supervisor of the building. Fees will be charged for using the bays. There will be 3 bays, the right and left side bays will be the largest. The middle bay will have the bathroom.  We will need a memorandum of understanding with AWA so that OARS will have 1 bay dedicated to them.  We also need to clarify OARS role and responsibilities. Mostly the fees will go to AWA to cover the maintenance costs, but some of the fees should come back to OARS. Robin, Skip, and Bill Epler are on the Board of Directors. Robin is Vice-President and then will become President.

5.   Communication:  Jack Darnton and Jon Hodgdon are working on the Website. The planning is going well. Jack will present the report at the next OARS meeting.

6.   There was a discussion about several requests for sponsorships. The AMS Science and Sailing Trip doesn’t go with our goals. Mindy moved and Robin seconded that we not support with money the AMS Program. Another request was for Traditional Small Craft Association (TSCA). TSCA is a national organization that provides insurance coverage for events. For groups it is $75 - $150 per year. For individuals it is $10 to $20. If we have enough members, perhaps we might form a chapter. Peter will discuss with the regional director, Claire. Mindy moved and Robin seconded we buy a Silver Sponsor for $75. Then we can publicize the benefits of the group at the membership meeting.

7.   Safety – Cathy Schaeffer reviewed plans for the Messabout. The Dock Masters will wear an OARS cap and a vest borrowed from the Port to help identify them. Boats will probably raft together at the dock. She will have release forms for guests on the OARS boats.


There was a brief discussion about revising the manual and handbook to incorporate the revised by-laws.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:56pm.

The next Board Meeting is May 28, 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

Respectfully submitted by Nora McMillan, Secretary


OARS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2019

Chamber Meeting Room

Present: Vice President Skip Dassler, Treasurer Marilyn Sollers, Past President Cathy Schaeffer, Communications Chairman Jack Darnton, Maintenance Chairman Robin Pestarino.

A quorum was established:  Three officers were present.

The minutes were read and approved with the following changes:

  1. The Board voted to exceed the Bosun’s budget by $200.00

  2. Marilyn has purchased material for seat covers for the Erica only.

  3. Only one tholepad has been identified as needing replacement on the Glide.

Vice President’s Report:

The Messabout will be on May 10-11.  OARS has previously authorized a $100 donation to AWA, which Marilyn should send out.

Skip will contact Andy about holding a lift class on Friday at 5pm.  Sign up lists will go out in April. We will practice lifting one of our boats.  OARS will man the lift from 3-4pm on Saturday.

OARS will hold their Masters Rodeo at a different date so we will not complicate the Messabout.  Cathy will determine a good day to hold the event during morning hours.

Treasurer’s Report:

Marilyn reports our CD ($20,046.00) comes due in April.  The Board suggested another 7 month certificate with approximately 2.13% interest.  

Boat license renewal:  Marilyn has discovered that because we are a non-profit and use our trailers occasionally, we are eligible for a permanent license that costs $187.50 per trailer.  It would take 4 years to break even on the permanent license vs annual licensing.

Motion made by Jack Darnton to purchase a permanent license for the trailer that is currently due.  Seconded by Robin Pestarino, passed unanimously.

Marilyn reports she has purchased the seat foam for  The Glide and The Erica.

Maintenance Report:

Andy says Emerald Marine is busy,  so there is no space in the tent until June.  Plan for maintenance is:

  1. Erica

  2. Tholepad on the Glide

  3. Bonaventure

  4. Rescue

  5. Annie C floor fix, using non skid boat deck paint. This repair will be done in Skip’s garage.

Cathy reports she has contacted Boshie about replacing the broken buttons on the shelter.

Communications Report:

Jack thought the website meeting was good.  There were 12 people present. There will be more meetings as the website project moves forward.

The ByLaw revisions are complete.

Policy updates are the next item to work on.  Some topics include: membership dues, administrative items, conflict resolution, policy on reprimanding members, Master testing, who may charge for OARS, reimbursement policy, other policy suggestions, looking at website marketing.

Lady OARS will not be participating in the Bellingham Bay race. It would require a beach launch and the area is rocky.  The dock is not installed until April. The trailer launch area is steep and difficult.

Honorary Member Proposal:  

Robin has nominated Torgy Torgerson to be an Honorary Member of OARS.  Robin will sponsor Torgy and he will be honored at the Annual Meeting.

Jack reports the dedication for the Three Sails sculpture on Ferry Terminal Road is this afternoon.  It is an artist’s rendition of three sails (the jib is upside down).

The meeting was adjourned at noon.


Respectfully submitted by Cathy Schaeffer

OARS Board Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2019

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order by President Peter Heffelfinger at 10:32am

Present were:  Peter Heffelfinger – President, Cathy Schaeffer - Past President, Skip Dassler - Vice-President, Nora McMillan – Secretary, Mindy Sorensen, Robin Pestarino, Peter Jackson, Marilyn Sollers, and Jack Darnton.

The minutes from January 22 were read, corrected to read Robin Pestarino and Cathy Schaeffer fixed the ratchet in the boat shelter, then approved.


1.   President:  Peter Heffelfinger reported that his article will appear in the April edition of Fidalgo Living magazine. Just in time for boating season.

 2.   Vice-President:  Skip Dassler 

 3.   Treasurer:  Marilyn Sollers reported no new items for February. The February report will be ready for the next meeting. There was a discussion about the Bosun budget which is $150 per year. Recently, 2 70-foot lines were purchased for the Island Star for $75. They will be cut in half for the boats. There was a discussion about buying new foam for the Erica and the Glide. Skip moved we add $200 to the budget for unbudgeted items, such as the mooring lines and the foam. Robin seconded, the motion was approved.

 4.   Membership:  Mindy Sorensen reported we have 8 Honorary members, 1 friend, and 101 members. We lost 13. Discussion about short term memberships (3-6 months) and fees.

 5.   Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino sent a letter from the Lady OARS to the organizers of the La Conner race identifying some of the problems encountered and our desire to help in any way to correct them. Their next race will be in Bellingham March 23: Open Water Race. Several from the group will go to Bellingham to evaluate the launch site which is in Fairhaven. The docks are not put in the water till April, so it will be a water launch. 

 The Erica needs painting: bottom, top, and floorboards. Torgy suggested we replace the thole pads on the Glide within 1 year. Cathy wondered if it were possible to switch sides with the oars? Marilyn has the seat covers for both the Erica and Glide. With the recent snow and ice melt on the sidewalks, some salt got into the Island Star. Robin wiped it out. In some places the floor boards show rub marks, down to the wood. It was decided to put sponges at every seat in all the boats, so they can be wiped out after every row.

 6.   AWA:  Robin Pestarino met with Dan and Brenda from the Port regarding the proposed boat shelter. It will be at the North Basin. Does the Port expect to own the building or manage it?  They have taken over the building at Seafarer’s Park. Originally OARS was to do the cleanup. Soroptimists donated $25,000 for the building. RCO, a company employed by the Port, was responsible for overseeing the project. The new building, possibly a pole building, may be done within a year.

 7.   There was a discussion about “branding” our club. This might include colors, logo, stationary, website, burgees. Peter H. has been looking at burgees from various clubs up the coast, and a common theme is crossed oars. Jack agreed to start thinking about designing a burgee for OARS.

 8.   Communication:  Jack Darnton and Jon Hodgdon are working on the Website. They would like to open the discussion on Website design preferences to the membership. A meeting has been arranged for Monday March 18, at the Library Meeting Room.

9.   By-Laws:  Article X: Dissolution was reviewed. The IRS and Washington State have rules for dissolution of non-profit groups. The Board of Directors recommend that any remaining assets be donated to organization(s) with similar purposes as OARS. The changes to Article X will be sent out to the membership 14 days prior to the next general meeting.


1.   Short-term membership was discussed. These are designed for people who are not residents of Anacortes or Skagit County. A 3-month membership would be $25 with a 5-row card. A 6-month membership would be $50 with a 5-row card. The purpose is to attract members. Newbies are allowed 3 rows and then would need to become members. The Master is to check that rowers on the boat are members.  Mindy will redesign the membership form.

 2.   Robin brought the information from Bill Testerman about the Annie C. The information discussed the limitations of the Annie C. When using the Annie C care must be taken to be aware of weight recommendations, and amount of freeboard when out on the water.  The Club rules take concerns of safety seriously. When using the Annie C, rowers should be careful to have an even distribution of weight, the lighter rowers on the ends, and the heavier ones in the middle. Also, to use longer strokes on the oars.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50pm.

The Website planning meeting is Monday, March 18, from 10:30 to 12:30 at the Library Meeting Room.

The next Board Meeting is March 26, 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

Submitted by Nora McMillan, Secretary


OARS Board Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2019

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order by President Peter Heffelfinger at 10:30am

Present were:  Peter Heffelfinger – President, Cathy Schaeffer - Past President, Skip Dassler - Vice-President, Nora McMillan – Secretary, Mindy Sorensen, Robin Pestarino, Charlie Drake, and Jack Darnton.

The minutes from November 27, 2018 were read and approved.


1.   President:  Peter Heffelfinger reported that the increased dues are stable. Maintenance of the boats was good. Discussed the repairs needed to the boat shelter. Peter will write a small article for the Fidalgo Living magazine for the April edition. He also reported that he has signed the bank signatures. Peter and Robin attended the AWA meeting. Peter tried to contact the Puget Sound Rowers Association for information about becoming partners with the group but was unable to reach anyone from that organization. 

2.   Vice-President:  Skip Dassler reported that he would be gone July 4th. The Vice-President oversees organizing events.  

3.   Safety:  Skip Dassler reported that local current tables have been placed in the log book at the shelter. 

4.   Treasurer:  Marilyn Sollers is out of town. 

5.   Communication:  Jack Darnton and Jon Hodgdon met with Art Designs about the website. Art built the Audubon Society’s website.  Jon recommended forming small working groups to review privilege and privacy issues, Outreach needs, member needs, and who can post and re-arrange things on the website. There was a discussion about using an on-line program such as PayPal for memberships and dues. OARS will keep the current website until the new one is up and running. 

6.   Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino reported that she and Cathy Shaeffer fixed the NW ratchet in the boat shelter. There was a discussion about the shelter’s fabric and stitching is aging. The doors fasteners need rivets to fix them.  

7.   AWA:  Robin Pestarino reported on the building committee for the planned maintenance building. AWA is very interested in pursuing this. She needs to know what OARS needs for the maintenance building, so she can provide that to the committee. The original plan was to have a 2-story structure with 3 bays and upstairs with a meeting room, full bath (for decontamination), small kitchenette, and heat. Now the plan is for a 1-story structure, possibly aluminum. There will be 3 bays, with one dedicated to OARS, and public use of the remaining 2 bays. AWA would own the building and run it, with OARS as partnership. There was a discussion that 1 person should oversee scheduling the use of both the maintenance building and Seafarer’s Park. 

8.   Membership:  Mindy Sorensen. There will be a “gentle reminder” to members who haven’t renewed.  The deadline is January 31. 

9.   By-Laws:  Jack Darnton. He, Mindy, and Robin presented the By-Laws with revisions: red type – new, blue type – previous wording. The name will include “and sailing”. The Board reviewed the changes:  

·         Article III – Membership. Mindy moved, Skip seconded, changes approved.

·         Article IV – Meetings. Mindy moved, Robin seconded, changes approved.

·         Article V – Board of Directors. Mindy moved, Skip seconded, changes approved.

·         Article VII – Standing Committee Chairs. Mindy moved, Robin seconded, changes approved.

·         Honorary Membership and Short-Term Membership (3 – 6 months) was discussed.

The By-Laws with changes will be presented to the membership. Cathy will email them out to the membership. A copy of the proposed By-Laws is provided below.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00pm.

The next Board Meeting is February 26, 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

Submitted by Nora McMillan, Secretary


Red is an addition

Blue is a deletion

Approved November 11, 1983

Revised and Approved June 3, 2016

Amended October 20, 2017

Amended xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The name of the organization shall be “The Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society” or “OARS”.

ARTICLE II:  Mission Statement

Rowing together to enjoy, honor and promote wooden boats and small craft traditions.

ARTICLE III: Membership

Membership shall be open to anyone who is in sympathy with OARS' mission, and who pays the prescribed annual dues or is an Honorary Member. The membership year runs concurrently with the fiscal year, which is January 1 through December 31.  Annual dues are payable January 31. All members except visiting short-term members (three to six months) have voting privileges

ARTICLE IV: Meetings

Twice monthly general meetings for conducting routine business shall be held at an announced time, day and location.  Members in good standing are entitled to vote on all matters considered.  Seven members, including three officers, shall constitute a quorum at general meetings.

An Annual Meeting of the membership shall be held during October, at which time there will be the election of the slate of Executive Officers, a vote on the proposed budget for the next year, and any other OARS business as set forth in the agenda for the meeting or brought to the floor.

Members shall be informed of the day, time, place and agenda for the Annual Meeting at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting by announcements at a regular meeting, and by publishing such announcements on the OARS website.

ARTICLE V: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive board Officers (as defined in Article VI) and the standing committee chairs.  The President will be the officiating member of the Board of Directors.

Three of the five Executive Officers shall constitute a quorum at Board of Directors meetings.

The Board of Directors shall have overall custody of the legal documents of OARS, and of all real property, structures, and vessels belonging to OARS.

The Board of Directors may commit the expenditure of OARS funds up to a limit of two hundred dollars ($200) per item for unbudgeted items without further authorization.

The Board of Directors drives the Agenda for all meetings. 

The Board of Directors is annually responsible for nominating a slate of Executive Officers, which will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting. The newly elected Executive Officers will take office Jan. 1.

If the position of any of the Executive Officers becomes vacant for any reason, the Board of Directors shall recommend a successor who shall hold office for the un-expired term of that position.

Executive Officers may be removed from office by a majority vote (either in person or by proxy) of the membership at a special called meeting of the general membership with a fourteen (14) day notice.  The notice shall include the day, time, place and agenda for the special called meeting

ARTICLE VI:  Executive Officers

The Executive Officers shall be: President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These officers constitute the Executive Board. Their duties shall be as follows:

1.      The President, or an assignee, shall preside at all meetings, call special meetings as necessary, provide an agenda for such, appoint committee chairs, and attend to such other business matters as shall be deemed necessary.  The term of president shall be the calendar year, after which he/she will be Immediate Past President for a year.

2.      The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence, and perform other duties as requested by the President.  The term of vice president shall be the calendar year, after which he/she will be President for a year and then Immediate Past President.  This position is a three (3) year commitment.

3.      The Immediate Past President will serve as a counselor to the Executive Board and to the standing committee chairs so as to provide and maintain consistency, vision and direction for OARS.

4.      The Secretary shall publish the agenda in advance of the all meetings, shall record the minutes of each regular and special meeting, and shall read same as requested.  After acceptance of the minutes, the Secretary shall ensure they are published on the OARS' website.

5.      The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books kept for that purpose, shall receive and deposit all OARS' monies in such depositories as shall be designated by the board of directors and will ensure appropriate forms are filed and taxes paid.  Any unbudgeted disbursements of more than two hundred dollars ($200) must be approved by a vote of the membership. The Treasurer shall render to the Executive Officers and/or Board of Directors when required, an accounting of all transactions and of the financial state of OARS.

The Treasurer shall develop a proposed budget with help of the board of directors, 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting date.  This budget must be published for all members to read 14 days prior to the Annual Meeting date.

The Treasurer shall send out membership renewal notices before the first day of each year.

ARTICLE VII:  Standing Committee Chairs

Standing committee chairs will be appointed by the President and serve a one-year term at the pleasure of the President.  These committees will be Crew 4081 Communications, Finance, Maintenance, Membership, Outreach, and Safety, Skills and Scheduling. The chairs may enlist volunteers to help with the responsibilities of their committees.  The responsibilities of the individual committee chairs are as follows:

Communications:  Will provide oversight to “The Tholepin”, official newsletter of OARS, and the OARS Archives, including OARS legal documents and website. This committee may review and advise OARS on policies, procedures and by-laws as requested by the executive committee/board of directors, and /or the membership.

Will provide oversight to the OARS website, archives, video equipment and all newsletters, publications and marketing materials.  The committee will assist with the creation, review and updating of internal OARS documents such as the bylaws and manuals as requested by the executive committee/board of directors, and/or the membership.

Crew 4081 Outreach:  Will keep OARS, as a sponsoring organization, appraised of the Crew's programs and budget. Will oversee, and keep the board and membership appraised of OARS’ operation and/or participation in on-the-water and classroom outreach programs that further OARS’ mission. Will coordinate OARS’ presence and participation in community events, messabouts and similar activities. Will represent OARS and its interests in organizations such as the Anacortes Waterfront Alliance and the Port of Anacortes Marina Advisory Committee and report their activities to the club. The committee will be chaired by the Vice President.

Scheduling:  Will oversee crew scheduling. Will coordinate races, navigational events or contests, club outings, safety programs that have been recommended by the Safety Committee and community events.  The purview of this committee will be, but not limited to: Sound Rowers' races, Pull-and-Be-Damned Small Boat Mess-about, Waterfront Festivals, Fourth of July, Veterans' Day and boat shows.

Finance:  Will work with the Treasurer to monitor membership and recruitment, provide budgetary oversight, renew insurance policies, and ensure that proper state and federal tax filings are made.  Will provide budgetary oversight and ensure that insurance policies are renewed and that all necessary state and federal tax filings are made.  This committee will arrange for a yearly review of OARS finances and report to a regular and/or Annual Meeting.

Maintenance:  Will ensure that boats, boat shelter and trailers are in good repair, and will maintain a schedule for timely maintenance. The Bosun and the Shelter Manager will be members of this committee.

Membership: Will oversee efforts to recruit and retain members and maintain the membership roster. Will collect membership and liability forms.

Safety, Skills and Scheduling:  Will oversee safe boating practices by OARS' Masters and members, and monitor the adequacy of boat safety equipment.  Will oversee Masters' training and testing as well as any skill-building events for members. Will provide, review, review and provide advice and consent for Out-of-Area Float Plans. Will oversee boat and crew scheduling.

ARTICLE VIII:  Financial Interests of Members

No member of OARS shall have any financial interest in OARS' income or assets except that OARS shall be empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments in furtherance of the purpose/mission set forth in ARTICLE II.

ARTICLE IX:  Amendments to BYLAWS

These Bylaws, or part thereof, may be amended at any meeting of the membership by a two-thirds vote of those voting, provided that a written notice of the proposed amendment be advertised to the membership at least two weeks (14 days) before the date of said membership meeting.

ARTICLE X: Dissolution

OARS as an organization may be dissolved at a special meeting of the membership by a two-thirds vote of those voting, provided that a written notice of the proposed amendment by advertised to the membership at least two weeks (14 days) before the date of said membership meeting. The board of directors will be responsible for overseeing all outstanding bills being paid and assets sold. The remaining money will be returned to the members.

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