Minutes OARS Meeting 2019

OARS Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2019

Library Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order by President Peter Heffelfinger at 7:30 am.

Present were Peter Heffelfinger - President, Cathy Schaeffer - Past President, Skip Dassler - Vice-President, Marilyn Sollers - Treasurer, Nora McMillan – Secretary, and 10 other members.

The minutes from December 7, 2018 were read and approved.

The Club had a row New Year’s Day to start the year.


1.   Treasurer:  Marilyn Sollers.  The Financial Report for December was presented. The outstanding receipts have been collected and reimbursements done.

2.   Membership:  Mindy Sorensen. There were 27 renewals, 5 late in the year new members which will carry over to 2019. Bill Testerman has worked to get the membership list up to date.

3.   Communication:  Jack Darnton. Continues to work on the By-Laws. Changes are being reviewed for committee roles.

4.   Anacortes Water Alliance:  Beth Bell. They have done presentations to all the Anacortes Service Clubs. The High School has purchased several new boats. They will be coaching with the High School sailing team.

5.   Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino. Robin was unable to be at the meeting, so Cathy Schaeffer gave the report for her. The grommets on the boat shed need replacing.

6.   Website:  Bill Testerman.  Bill brought 2 notebooks with photos. One of the books had a fancy fabric and lace cover.

7.   Safety: Skip Dassler.  The incident form is ready. Several will be placed in the notebook at the boat shelter.

8.   Outreach:  The Bonaventure may be used for Outreach to the Middle School.

9.   Photo Release: A separate form is not needed as the release is already on the membership form.

10.                Archives:  Continuing to sort through materials to try to get them down to 2 bankers’ boxes for storage.

11.                Name change:  There was a discussion about changing the name from OARSS (Old Anacortes Rowing and Sailing Society) to OARS (Old Anacortes Rowing Society). All the legal documents such as the IRS and the website, have the name as OARSS. In general usage, most people call it OARS. There is a history of sailing in the Club, so it makes sense to leave the name as is.

12.                Cathy Schaeffer distributed OARS pillows and monkey fist lanyards that she made.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55.

Next meeting January 18, 2019 at the Library Meeting Room.

Submitted by Nora McMillan, Secretary

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