Minutes OARS Board Meeting 2019


OARS Board Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2019

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room


The meeting was called to order by President Peter Heffelfinger at 10:32am

Present were:  Peter Heffelfinger – President, Cathy Schaeffer - Past President, Skip Dassler - Vice-President, Nora McMillan – Secretary, Mindy Sorensen, Robin Pestarino, Peter Jackson, Marilyn Sollers, and Jack Darnton.

The minutes from January 22 were read, corrected to read Robin Pestarino and Cathy Schaeffer fixed the ratchet in the boat shelter, then approved.


1.   President:  Peter Heffelfinger reported that his article will appear in the April edition of Fidalgo Living magazine. Just in time for boating season.

 2.   Vice-President:  Skip Dassler reported

 3.   Treasurer:  Marilyn Sollers reported no new items for February. The February report will be ready for the next meeting. There was a discussion about the Bosun budget which is $150 per year. Recently, 2 70-foot lines were purchased for the Island Star for $75. They will be cut in half for the boats. There was a discussion about buying new foam for the Erica and the Glide. Skip moved we add $200 to the budget for unbudgeted items, such as the mooring lines and the foam. Robin seconded, the motion was approved.

 4.   Membership:  Mindy Sorensen reported we have 8 Honorary members, 1 friend, and 101 members. We lost 13. Discussion about short term memberships (3-6 months) and fees.

 5.   Maintenance:  Robin Pestarino sent a letter from the Lady OARS to the organizers of the La Conner race identifying some of the problems encountered and our desire to help in any way to correct them. Their next race will be in Bellingham March 23: Open Water Race. Several from the group will go to Bellingham to evaluate the launch site which is in Fairhaven. The docks are not put in the water till April, so it will be a water launch. 

 The Erica needs painting: bottom, top, and floorboards. Torgy suggested we replace the thole pads on the Glide within 1 year. Cathy wondered if it were possible to switch sides with the oars? Marilyn has the seat covers for both the Erica and Glide. With the recent snow and ice melt on the sidewalks, some salt got into the Island Star. Robin wiped it out. In some places the floor boards show rub marks, down to the wood. It was decided to put sponges at every seat in all the boats, so they can be wiped out after every row.

6.   AWA:  Robin Pestarino met with Dan and Brenda from the Port regarding the proposed boat shelter. It will be at the North Basin. Does the Port expect to own the building or manage it?  They have taken over the building at Seafarer’s Park. Originally OARS was to do the cleanup. Soroptimists donated $25,000 for the building. RCO, a company employed by the Port, was responsible for overseeing the project. The new building, possibly a pole building, may be done within a year.

 7.   There was a discussion about “branding” our club. This might include colors, logo, stationary, website, burgees. Peter H. has been looking at burgees from various clubs up the coast, and a common theme is crossed oars. Jack agreed to start thinking about designing a burgee for OARS.

 8.   Communication:  Jack Darnton and Jon Hodgdon are working on the Website. They would like to open the discussion on Website design preferences to the membership. A meeting has been arranged for Monday March 18, at the Library Meeting Room.

 9.   By-Laws:  Article X: Dissolution was reviewed. The IRS and Washington State have rules for dissolution of non-profit groups. The Board of Directors recommend that any remaining assets be donated to organization(s) with similar purposes as OARS. The changes to Article X will be sent out to the membership 14 days prior to the next general meeting.


1.   Short-term membership was discussed. These are designed for people who are not residents of Anacortes or Skagit County. A 3-month membership would be $25 with a 5-row card. A 6-month membership would be $50 with a 5-row card. The purpose is to attract members. Newbies are allowed 3 rows and then would need to become members. The Master is to check that rowers on the boat are members.  Mindy will redesign the membership form.

2.   Robin brought the information from Bill Testerman about the Annie C. The information discussed the limitations of the Annie C. When using the Annie C care must be taken to be aware of weight recommendations, and amount of freeboard when out on the water.  The Club rules take concerns of safety seriously. When using the Annie C, rowers should be careful to have an even distribution of weight, the lighter rowers on the ends, and the heavier ones in the middle. Also, to use longer strokes on the oars.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50pm.

The Website planning meeting is Monday, March 18, from 10:30 to 12:30 at the Library Meeting Room.

The next Board Meeting is March 26, 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

 Submitted by Nora McMillan, Secretary