Minutes OARS Board Meeting 2020


February 25, 2020

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order by President Skip Dassler at 10:31 am.

Present were:  Skip Dassler – President, Peter Heffelfinger – Past President, Susan Guterbock - Vice-President, Marilyn Sollers – Treasurer, Nora McMillan – Secretary, Jack Darnton and Jon Hodgdon – Communications, John Okerman – Safety, Charley Drake – Bosun, and Cathy Schaeffer – Maintenance Co-Chair.

Skip welcomed everyone. A quorum was established.

The minutes from October 22, 2019 were read and approved.


1.   Vice-President – Susan Guterbock reported on Club activities planned for this year.

May – Messabout. 1 boat plus the Bonaventure. Members will sign up for 2-hour shifts – 10am – 12noon, and 1pm – 3pm. She will ask the Board for a donation for the Messabout.

June 6 – 7 – Waterfront Festival. One boat, usually the Island Star, will be displayed by the OARS booth. Members will sign up for 2-hour shifts.

July 4 – Parade. One of the boats will be entered, plus marchers, and banners.

October – Installation of Officers.

November – Veteran’s Day. This will be during the week this year, and our participation will be considered.

Peter noted that our membership has been renewed for the Traditional Small Craft Association (TSCA). OARS has an ad in the magazine. The organization provides insurance for the Messabout.

2.   Treasurer – Marilyn Sollers reported that the report from the financial review was submitted. A couple of issues were identified such as providing a receipt for cash transactions. The financial report for January was provided at the regular membership meeting. The renewal for the TSCA is itemized in the budget.

3.   Membership report from Mindy Sorensen was given by Skip. We have 96 individual members, 9 honorary members and 1 friend. The sub list has been updated as of 2/20/20.

4.   Shelter – Susan Guterbock reported that the flap has been repaired.

5.   Bosun – Charley Drake had nothing new to report.

6.   Maintenance – Report from Robin Pestarino and Co-Chair Cathy Schaefer. We will be pulling minimum maintenance on the Glide and exchanging her with the Erica. (Andy recommends cleaning and “oiling” her before she is put on the hard. David Jackson will have the maintenance crew to his workshop to pull maintenance on the Rescue and splash her this summer. Then she will winter under the Preston on her trailer.

7.   Safety – John Okerman reviewed his responsibilities. Skills Rodeo will be in July with in-the-water COB drills. AWA is offering a knot-tying class Friday March 20 at 1730 at Seafarer’s Park. Torgy will be giving the class. John will maintain the rowing schedule. He will list the schedule with the master. There was a discussion about the Rescue. It is a single, sliding seat boat. David Jackson checks out the rower prior to using it.

8.   Communication – Jack Darnton and Jon Hodgdon gave a presentation of the website development so far. The Marketing side is well underway and impressive. It is designed to lure new members to the Club. The Membership side will focus on functionality. Jack will send screenshots of the presentation to each Board member for review. Jon had 2 things to clarify. 1) Requiring members to log-in to use the Members-only side, where the focus will be on self-service, and 2) Gradual delivery of the Members-only side functionality, rather than having everything on Day 1. The Board supports each of these options. There was a discussion re: budget for the website. On-going operational expenses will go under Operating fund, and design work will go under Capital fund. Later, we may need to decide if we want to set up a separate fund for Website maintenance.


There was a discussion about contributions to AWA. Jack moved that we donate $125 for the Messabout and not to corporate membership. Susan 2nd, the motion passed.

There was a discussion about loaning the Pixie Boats to Fidalgo Dance Works for a fund-raiser March 7. Susan G moved and Cathy 2nd, the motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.

The next OARS Meeting is Friday March 6, 2020 at 7:30 am at the Library Meeting Room.

The next Board Meeting is Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 10:30 am at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

Respectfully submitted by Nora McMillan, Secretary

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