Minutes OARS Meeting 2020



February 7, 2020

Library Meeting Room

Meeting called to order by Skip Dassler at 0730.

Present: President Skip Dassler, VP Susan Guterbock, Past President Peter Heffelfinger, Treasurer Marilyn Sollers, Secretary Nora McMillan and 11 other OARS members. The members were welcomed, and they introduced themselves.

The minutes from the January 3,2020 meeting were read and approved.


1.    President: Skip Dassler reminded the members that the meetings are monthly on the 1st Friday November, December, January, and February. 2 meeting per month resume in March, on the 1st and 3rd Fridays.

2.    Treasurer: Marilyn Sollers presented the Financial Report for January 2020. The financial review, as mandated in the By-Laws is today. Members of the committee are Skip Dassler, Walter Guterbock, and Chuck Ackerman.

3.    Bosun: Charlie Drake is out of town. Torgy replaced several fender lanyards on the Annie C. He and another member took out the Annie C and he reported that it rows splendidly with just the 2 rowers.

4.    Membership: Mindy Sorensen reported that we have 9 honorary members. At the end of December, we had 122 members. There are still members who have not renewed their memberships, which was due January 31st.   They have been gently reminded by email. She also reminded members to fill out the form when paying dues. The sub list is updated through December of 2019. She noted Chris and Matt Orr are new members, available Saturdays and Sundays. Also, Buddy Rogers is a new member. Their contact information will be sent out with Skip’s Gimme 10.

5.    Maintenance: Robin reported that several of the oars for the Annie C have the tips of the blades coming off. She will work with Skip to repair them over the weekend soon.

6.    Shelter report:  Susan noticed a loose patch on the shelter. She will get it repaired by gluing and/or sewing.

7.    Safety:  John is out of town skiing.  Cathy reported the Rodeo will include man-overboard drills. She and Torgy will don wet suits for the practice.

8.    Communications:  Jack Darnton and Jon Hodgdon continue to work on the website.  They are working on the Membership side. Mindy is helping with membership and Susan S is helping with the Archives. The Marketing side of the website has had more work done. They will give an update at the next Board meeting.

9.    Anacortes Waterfront Alliance: President Robin Pestarino reported that OARS is donating $25 per year to the AWA plus $100 for the Messabout. There was a discussion about OARS becoming a member which costs $125 a month or as Jack suggested, participation with events or projects, rather than monthly dues. Torgy suggested the Board consider and come up with a recommendation for donation. AWA meetings to the Port Commissioners and the City Council were cancelled due to snow. Robin will meet with Dan Worra re: Seafarer’s building use. Robin also reported that the Lady OARS racing team has enough members to have 2 boats for most races. They are scheduled for 4 races this year. She discussed the possibility of adding men to one crew if there is interest. She reviewed the La Conner race which the group did not participate in due to high winds and strong currents in the channel.


Susan Guterbock reported that as Vice President, there are several events that she will be in charge of organizing. She will notify us with information as needed.

A Master’s Class is starting Wednesdays at 7pm at Susan Guterbock’s home. Attending are Susan G, Susan S, Letty, Marilyn, and Nora. Cathy and Robin are leading the class.

The meeting was adjourned at 0810.

The next OARS MEETING is Friday March 6, 2020 at 0730 in the Library Meeting Room.

The next BOARD MEETING is February 25, 2020 at 1030 at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room (upstairs).

Respectfully submitted by Nora McMillan, Secretary



January 3, 2020

Library Meeting Room

Meeting called to order by Skip Dassler at 0730.

Present: President Skip Dassler, VP Susan Guterbock, Past President Peter Heffelfinger, Treasurer Marilyn Sollers and 17 other OARS members.

The minutes from the December 6, 2019 meeting were read and approved.



Skip Dassler proposed changing the number of meetings from twice a month to once a month.  The once a month meeting would start at 0730 and end at 0815 on the first Friday.  The library meeting room will continue to be the site. The proposed one meeting per month would be valid from November through February to accommodate for slow activity and two meetings per month would resume in March and go through October.  Motion made by Walter Guterbock, seconded by Von Kuehn and approved by members.


Marilyn Sollers reported that the general fund was better than budgeted and better than last year due to rowing cards and donations, moving Elizabeth Bonaventure to Community outreach and money back from the officers’ installation.

Bylaws state there is to be a financial review committee at the beginning of each year.  Skip Dassler, Walter Guterbock and Chuck Ackerman will serve. Date to be arranged since Marilyn will be out of town in early January.


Charlie Drake had nothing to report.  It was mentioned that Elizabeth B. needs electronic flares and that the dock lines on Annie C. are spent and new line is available now. Charlie will look into both issues.


Mindy Sorensen reported that we will add nine honorary members to the roster, bringing the total membership to 122. 

The sub list is updated through December of 2019.

Members were reminded to fill out the form when paying dues.


Robin reported that we still have our spot at Emerald Marine and she is working on a work schedule with Andy Stewart.

Shelter report:  Walt will replace the broken zip ties.

Safety officer: no report

Communications:  Jack Darnton (and John Hodgdon) continue to work on website.  Going well with new cash in the account.  Need to use OARSS.org to get into website.

Marina Advisory Committee: John Guinn said next meeting is 1/12/2020. He will get information to Skip.

Anacortes Waterfront Alliance: President Robin Pestarino said she and OARS president Skip Dassler will present at the Port Commissioners’ meeting on January 16, 2020 at 1800.


Robin announced that the Ladies’ Racing team will have a meeting at her house this Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 1900.  The racing season runs from February to September and the schedule will be set.

The next OARS MEETING will be Friday February 7, 2020 at 0730 in the Library meeting room.

The next BOARD MEETING will be January 28, 2020 at 1030 at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room (upstairs)

The meeting was adjourned at 0802.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Guterbock (recorder)


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